08 April 2015

I have a Mac laptop with multiple git-repositories. But my computational works are mostly carried out on a linux server. From/To there I push and pull changes via SSH. I would like to sync codes and data analysis results between the two systems. Here is what I learned from others experience via a post from stackoverflow.

Below, I modified a little bit from above post. Lets say my netbook is called “Macbook”. I create a repository there

$ cd ~/git
$ mkdir newThing
$ cd newThing
$ git init --bare

On the Linux server I will then create a clone of it. Maybe I will add some files also

$ git clone username@
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Initial"
$ git push origin master

On my Mac, I will also add the Linux address.

$ git remote add externalName username@address:/home/username/git/newThing
$ git pull externalName master

Something to read: http://progit.org/.

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