12 January 2015

I missed #PAG meetings (International Plant & Animal Genome Conference) two years in a row partly because of my newborn. Thanks to the social media such as Twitter, Github and Slideshare, which keep people like me updated about the excitements (mainly biotech progresses) in San Diego. Here, I extracted some information from the web regarding #PAGXXIII and tried to digest the meeting info a little bit at home.

All the tweets with the dash tag #PAGXXIII were obtained every day during the meeting and were achieved in this Github repo MeetingTweets. It also includes the tweets from last year’s meeting. Most of this code was adapted from Stephen Turner.

# Meeting slides and notes

Meeting Notes

Great PAG notes from @mclafave: see here


PAG tweeters to follow


# DAY ONE (2015-1-10) I lost day one’s data.

DAY TWO (2015-1-11)

The ‘wordcloud’ of day one says that “Ancient dna sequencing data can assembly, need to see booth now”. Really?


DAY THREE (2015-1-12)

“Brown bear genome data, great!” Imgur2

DAY FOUR (2015-1-13)

Feature of the day “Assembly”! Imgur3

Twitters of the day. Imgur4

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